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Friday, April 19, 2013

A couple of weeks ago, I had the cutest session with a client's son that is celebrating his 1st birthday.  
When planning the session, the mom and I were emailing back and forth about props for his session.  She knows I'm not a huge prop photographer, in terms of what I'll bring along...but I had a few items to bring.  What I encourage all of my clients to bring are items that are personal to them and favorites of their children.  Because ultimately, what I bring will have no memories tied to the family. 

The dad of this little guy is a former college baseball player and the mom is a doctor.  And what we used as props for their session were the best and made me giggle that she brought them along.  Seriously, think of the memories that these pictures will hold in 20 years for this little guy.

The mom brought along his dad's old glove, periodic table building blocks, family rocking chair that belongs to his dad, and this little guys first photo album. ABSOLUTELY loved including those items.

And of course the random pecans on the ground that this little guy loved trying to eat...which had his mom and I running back and forth taking them from him.  Hello!  Choking hazard!
We were dying laughing at his bear crawl.
And there's nothing better than the fun random pictures at the end of the session.  While his mom and I were talking, he was in heaven having full range of my camera bag and his mom's bag.  Yes...yes...he is just inches away from my D700 and lenses but I couldn't resist this shot of his curiosity.
What is a session without a little finger and nose curiousity.