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Thursday, February 21, 2013

I know, I know...this is one insanely large blog post! It's definitely a record breaker for me.  I'm obviously NOT in my right mind sharing this insane number of pictures but I just couldn't resist.

This session was seriously one of the most long awaited sessions I've had in years.  I've been fortunate enough to photograph this family for almost 3 years. I began photographing them when their first son was born and humbled that I've watched their family grow over the years.  It's always humbling to walk into a client's home and see pictures from past sessions on the wall, in frames on the mantle, desk and throughout the's just an amazing feeling to have that honor.

The last time I photographed them was when they were expecting baby Benjamin.  They contacted me in the middle of December for a session but unfortunately I was taking time to be with my family.  None the less, we scheduled their session.  THEN, the day of the session I woke up in the middle of the night sick...absolutely sick.  We rescheduled.  Then the day of the session, the weather was horrendous and shortly after I arrived to their house...sweet big brother slipped, fell and busted his lip.  Yep, that was the next reschedule.  Then at the 3rd attempt for the next session, the weather was horrendous again, big brother had a fever and both the mother and I knew we craved the gorgeous window light in her new home. Then, finally on the 4th reschedule date we actually had the session.  Even though the on my way there, I stopped for gas and my car wouldn't start back up!  And I'm not kidding, I had a pit in my stomach and in the end, it worked out and the session was definitely worth the wait.

After their last session, this family quickly learned that a session with a happy and active 2 year old requires a little more of a relaxed approach.  The parents are already extremely laid back (which makes me think I need a HIGH dose of Ritalin with how I can bounce off the walls) and that is what made this session ideal and me giddy happy!

By the time of the session, baby Benjamin was 9 weeks old...not always the ideal age for a newborn session but a fun age for an fun lifestyle session in their home.

Introducing big brother Jacob and Benjamin!
Those lips...simply had his mother and I obsessed with them!
Probably my most favorite picture from the session!  Jacob will always be his mom's first baby.
The lounging around time ... how could I not capture these moments!  I can just imagine how treasured it'll be in 20 years.

I was just as obsessed with photographing these boys together as Jacob was obsessed with his brother.
In their last house, Jacob's baby room had this exact painting on the wall.  At their new house, they had the artist back to recreate this painting.  THE cutest little aviator room.
I think for the fourth reschedule, the session was worth every day that we waited for it and all the emails/texts back and forth.

I simply ADORE lifestyle sessions where the family simply has fun just being a family!


gina altieri said...

LOVE these so much!

Nancy Proffitt said...

These are PERFECT! I guess it was worth the wait! LYG, N

Allison Tyler Jones said...

That baby is a ROCK STAR--I love how he's looking straight at the camera at all the right times. Gorgeous light, gorgeous family. Congrats!