Baby Everett | Gilbert Newborn photographer

Thursday, September 27, 2012

As everyone has noticed, the past several months I've disappeared from anything that didn't have to do directly with my family.  
Was it the perfect time to disappear?  Maybe not. 
Was it time that I'm grateful I took?  Absolutely.
Were those days I'd never get back?  Duh, yes!
Am I paying the price with the piles of work in my office?  Aye aye aye!  Absolutely but as i'm catching up, I smile just thinking of the dozens of days that I did nothing but be with my children.

One of the 4 sessions I has booked on my calendar these past 4 months was a sweet newborn session. Here are several favorites of mine.  I stumbled across them as I was cleaning up and organizing a few things on my computer and kicking myself I never shared.

Sweet baby Everett.  His parents finally welcomed their son after three girls.  Life is good for them!


NP said...

Ohhhh, so VERY sweet! LYG, N

Jodie Allen said...

I adore that last shot friend! I want to steal that baby and just cuddle him!