Celebrating her first birthday | Chandler Child Photographer

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I think what had me smiling the biggest during this session, is remembering this sweet little birthday girl's older brother's when they celebrated their first birthday.  There is nothing sweeter than seeing the baby sister of two boys and seeing how similar she looks to them when they turned one.

I see so much of both her brothers.

What I loved most is how adorably, girly she is...in all her frills and ruffles.  She is a perfectly happy and sweet baby girl.

How precious is it to celebrate having a girl after two amazing boys.  And believe, both of her brothers are two incredibly smart boys.  The middle brother is just days older than my son, and he has always blown me away with what he can say and knows...total brilliance!

Happy 1st birthday sweet baby girl!  SO glad that I was able to photograph this huge milestone.
Litte sidenote, my clients all know that I'm not a huge prop photographer.  Meaning, I don't keep props on hand. But, I'm never opposed to incorporating props into a session...especially the special meaningful ones.  The blue chair belonged to her grandmother.  Her father painted it and added a highchair top to it.  LOVED it!  Seriously wanted to sneak it into my car...that is one prop I'd like to keep on hand!  Isn't it cute?
The trio!  I first photographed the oldest when he was 4 months old and here he is 5 years old!  His brother, Lane, pretty much plasters my website...he's the cutie trying to snag a bite of his brother's watermelon when he was just 7 months old.  
Happy birthday sweet baby girl!


Jody said...

adorable pictures Tami and beautiful little girl Mistelle!

NP said...

AHHHH, what a little cutie pie. I LOVE that blue chair too ~ even more that I know the story behind it. All the cake pictures crack me up especially with the frosting up the nose :) Beautiful work as usual Tami!!! LYG, N