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Monday, April 30, 2012

It feels like it was forever ago since this session!  This session is especially close to my heart.   Primarily for the love that was seriously overflowing from the new mom while with her babies.  It was such an intense feeling that I kept fighting back the happy tears during the session. 

We shared stories of welcoming twins after a long wait and never giving up faith that having a family was in our future.  That each second of fighting for our family was worth the pain once we saw their perfect faces.

To see their mother, with pure joy and complete obsession for her babies brought me back to the days when my twins arrived.  It's truly a feeling that could never be put into words, expressed in descriptions or told stories about...it's merely emotions that can only be felt by a mother. As I always tell my babies, I love them more than they will ever know.

These two precious angels, are loved more than they can even fathom.  

The parents of these darling angels, had their life complete the day their babies arrived. The love during this session seriously had me constantly fighting back tears.  There were many moments that I wanted to capture, emotions I wanted savored and certain looks I wanted forever captured.

The way the husband knew by just a simple look that his wife was getting ready to cry and calming her down.  
The way he could get her to giggle for me to see the perfect wrinkle in her nose.  
The complete infatuation he had for his wife.  
How simply looking at her brought out a simple smile of pure pleasure. 
How perfect the father was in swaddling his babies and knowing exactly when to do it.  
How the mother was at peace just looking at her babies.  
How it was almost painful for her to NOT look at her babies.  
The undying urge to constantly comfort them, soothe them and just swaddle them in her arms.
The pure bliss that overcame her by just  saying her babies names.

Introducing two perfectly precious babies!  I can only hope that one day they will feel the same love their parents feel for them.
And here I am, crying again after posting these pictures.  This session was perfect. It was beautiful.
It was a dream session.  And, after all the pictures were shared...it got better.  I received a call shortly after the pictures were sent.  Once I answered the phone I hear the outpouring of gratitude with tears.  Hearing that I captured each look on the babies faces that they never wanted to forget. 

I just hope that they see these pictures and see the beauty that all their family and friends see each time they are with them.  

Their babies are perfect.  This family is perfect. My heart goes out to each of them and I smile just thinking of those first couple months after bringing twins home.  

To the N family...cherish each second because those are seconds that are gone in a blink of an eye.


Grace said...

Tami, these photos are so, so precious and those babies are absolutely adorable. What a treasure you gave this family!

Jody said...

so gorgeous! My Mom and I are tearing up over here!