My nephew Hayes | Mesa Newborn Photographer

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I am one very proud auntie with serious baby fever whenever I'm near him!

I come from a relatively large family compared to my husband, so when his only sister had a was uber special for my kids to have their first cousin on their dad's side make his arrival!

Introducing my sweet nephew Hayes!

When I was going through my nephew's bedroom, my eyes landed right on this gorgeous blanket and I was soon begging to have it in the pictures....despite the girly feel. What I love most about the blanket, is it's the same blanket his father was wrapped in when he was a baby...handmade by Hayes' great grandmother.

My brother in law is a motorcycle enthusiast. I definitely see Hayes having his first motorbike before a tricycle.


NP said...

AHHHH, of course I LOVE every single picture! You did such a wonderful job as usual!! LYG, N