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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Each year, I've looked forward to the session with this amazingly sweet family! Since their first session when their son was 4 months old, there was something about them that I just loved. It's one of those things you just can't put your finger on...but just know it's something special because each time I think of them...I smile!

The session was in the middle of November, not exactly the time to see ladybugs. Until we noticed the sweet bugs all around....making for perfect reasons to sit back and enjoy these random moments!

It always means the world to me to see the families I've loved to watch grow up, greet me at the start of their session with a hug! After the small talk in catching up since their last session, they handed me a beautifully wrapped package. I was completely taken they are hiring me to take their pictures and then they give me a gift. After I got home, I opened the present to find adorable kitchen utensils for kids, but all the ingredients to make a yummy recipe she gave to me. The heartwarming part of the gift was a sweet note....thanking me for always giving them memories they will cherish forever and the gift was in hopes for me to have time to create memories for me to cherish with my own children. {sigh} It's moments like this that make the crazy, busy season so worth all the minutes and hours I'm working late into the night and feeding my family nothing but fast food.

Yes...this family is beautiful, but they are just as beautiful on the inside.

After their session, the parents were off on an anniversary date...knowing that they took time to be with me for their session before their anniversary celebration would have been a gift enough.


NP said...

Each one of these are so precious! LYG, N