Designer: Madison Reece Designs

Saturday, October 1, 2011

First, let me start with...I'm the farthest thing from a product photographer. I think it's super important to have a photography business that offers photography in a specialized area. A few of my friends are amazing product photographers, simply amazing, and I'm always blown away by their skills.

In the past couple years, as I've been contacted for potential product work, I've always referred to a friend and graciously passed on the option. Until recently, I was contacted by Madison Reece Designs and she was referred by a fabulous stylist and from that referral I gave this idea some thought.

In the past, I had one experience with a designer from Etsy for dresses for my daughter's 5th birthday session and the clothes were far from what I would have considered quality. Meaning, it looked like my daughter's could have sewn dresses and had a better product then what I received.

Then a week ago, I received the clothing from Madison Reece Designs and I was in awe of her work. The quality in her handcrafted skirts, dress, headband, barrett, and necklace were amazing. I was simply impressed with her quality in choice of fabric and craftmanship. The color coordination was superb, style was classic yet modern, and ideal for any portrait session. When I saw her pieces, I couldn't help but think of how there are many possibilities in creating other wardrobe options with each clothing piece. It was so much fun just thinking of all the could be done with each piece.

With our weeks getting busier, today I finally had the chance to photograph my girls in Madison Reece Designs!

Okay, I've totally gone on a love fest for Madison Reece. For now, here is just one sweet little picture of my twins in two of her creations!
If you have a chance, head over to Madison Reece Designs Etsy page. Soon, there will be a super fun sale going on with her designs! YAY!


NP said...

AHHH, they look darling in those cute clothes!!!! LYG, N