Another moment to remember!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Yesterday on our way home from school, I look in my rearview mirror and I see my sweet Cash with chocolate on her face and my heart melted. For some reason, it was that very moment that I thought I want to remember that very face. I'm not to sure why.

Maybe because Cash is definitely my little fashion diva. She's always opinionated with what I take pictures of. She dresses herself every day. She definitely has a mind of her own.

She wasn't too thrilled I wanted a picture of her face messy and she quickly tried to lick off what she could...little stinker. And of course, each picture she put her own little spin on it with bitting her lip, sticking her tougue out and forcing herself to be happy to touch her sister. Oh, she makes me laugh. And at the same time, sad that she's growing up so fast. She's always been the twin that's a little more wound tight, adament about her likes/dislikes, opinionated and my little worrier. Lately I'm finding myself telling her more and more to just relax and enjoy being a child. Because one day, she'll find herself worrying about work and paying bills.

My baby girl, growing up faster than what her mommy is wanting. Oh, my heart melts just looking at her.
Hee hee...just a glimpse of one of her outfits. She has a stylish habit of wearing leggings and a tanktop under EVERYthing, including her pajamas. Do her leggings match....rarely but she can totally rock out every outfit she creates.
For a second, I go her to relax for a real smile. She was giggling because her sister was trying to tickle me.
Cam could hug her sister all day long and be in heaven....Cash, she definitely prefers her personal space. :)
I always laugh when I people say to me, "you must have tons of pictures of your kids." HA, it's actually the opposite. I'll go weeks without taking a picture of my kids once...just because I'm pure lazy. I started that 365 picture a day at the beginning of the year...ha! I know my friends and family had a bet for how long I could keep to it. I've never been the best at following direcitons or keeping to goals. I'm definitely a in the moment and beat to my own drum....kind of a gal!

With the my busiest season just weeks away, I know I'll soon only be picking my camera up to go on a session. I'm hoping I'll be better this season with remembering to savor the moments in my day to day life before they're gone.


NP said...

OHHHH, my heart is melting! LYG, N