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Thursday, August 4, 2011

There will never be a more precious time in a families life than bringing their baby home.

It's a time of pure happiness, moments filled with utter infatuation and
realizing the feeling of love they could've never imagined.

Welcome home sweet baby girl.

I adored her the sweet curls in her hair! Oh, she is just too precious.
And of course, I'm always happy when I can capture the pure excitement in men!

And, probably the ultimate favorite from the session. A real moment...the kind that makes my heart melt. I remember those newborn days like it was yesterdy...even during the crying spells I couldn't help but look at my babies and think I never could've imagined feeling such indescribable love.


NP said...

Oh my goodness Tami ~ every one of those pictures are just incredible! LYG, N

Anna said...

Tami, I just happened to click on your FB page and saw the post with Shamara's picture. These are so good! How much longer...

Anonymous said...

You should win an award for that last picture.. it is AMAZING!!