Meet Chelsea |Queen Creek Senior Photographer

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

3 years ago I first photographed this young lady who is now graduating from high school.
Even 3 years ago, her personality was so contagious and I just fell in love with her.

When she contacted me asking for me to take her senior pictures...on my already booked schedule...I managed to find a way to squeeze her in! This young lady is amazing! She's super sweet and an all around great girl.

When she first came over when she scheduled her session, my mind started spinning on location ideas....loved that she gave me full control over the location. I suggested a place that she sees a lot...and, even though she wasn't giddy about the location, she completely trusted me. We ended up both being in love with the location.

It's one thing to see a location as a photoshoot option...but another to completely trust another's choice. I love that she decided on a location that was "outside" of the obvious location options. sweet Chelsea! She is never short on smiles, giggles and just a simple happy girl.

She totally had me giggling as she lugged around her VERY heavy saddle! It totally impressed this city girl.


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