A word to describe...spritely |Chandler Family Photographer

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

These past weeks, I've been back and forth on what I share on my blog as a sneak peek for my clients before releasing galleries. I finally made the decision...I'm going to keep more a secret.

For now, I fought every part of me in chosing which ones to share...because I simply can't resist...at first I selected just one, but ended with these three.

The scheduling of this session was for the grandparents...to document their energy, how they are right now and create timeless memories doing what they do best...LOVING their family.

There really isn't enough words to describe them...summing it up in one word would be spritely. {word courtesy of their daughter in law}.

That is just them. There is no shortage of energy, happiness and love. They've been married 47 years. When I asked them the secret to a happy marriage...
the answer was simple and true {Chose the right one}

That one phrase made me smile, BIG!

Here they are, with the "right one"!

This picture isn't perfect...slightly out of focus and horribly framed BUT it is perfect. The little miss was not a fan of my camera...whenever it clicked, her eyes would fill with tears.

Just as I put my camera down, her mother began making her giggle and I whipped my camera back up and clicked. I love seeing her sisters below with her grandparents...I love how she fit perfectly in this picture just as she is...happiest with her mother.
This family is incredible. They're real...they embrace being real...there isn't any reading between the lines, they love just as they are, they're honest and they celebrate eachother every second of the day. My one word for this family would be organic...this family is naturally beautiful.

There will definitely be more from this session. But, before then, I'll share their gallery first and then be back.