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Sunday, November 7, 2010

This evening I photographed a favorite family I've worked with the past three years. This session was a huge eye opener in seeing how much the kids truly have grown. This little man is now 2 and a half...I've photographed him since he was born, photographed him last spring and tonight's session he seemed so much older. {sigh}

I'll scream it from every rooftop, the love between a mother and son is INCREdible! I remember hearing that when I was expecting my son...didn't realize how different the love could be until my son arrived.

This is so true for the mother and son here...she is completely smitten, head over heels IN love. And I love how it can be seen in the way she's looking at him here. We were pulling out all the stops to get giggles from him...when I suggested throwing him up (yes, I'M crazy like that), there was a pause because he's not a little baby anymore..but she did it.

And this was caught! LOVE...big puffy heart LOVE!
To the H family...thanks again. Leaving your sessions always has me giggling for hours, I love my time with each of you. By the way, those girls of yours get sweeter and sweeter.

As far as sneak peeks, I'll be back with more I promise. I just went through my October file...and saw 9 sessions....EEK, 9! I'm working round the clock right now and I'm already starting a blog roll. Ultra thrilled to share a few families with you.


Cc said...

You know me all too well! Luv it!! Thanks again soooo much!! :) cc

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Ohhhh, so precious!!! LYG, N