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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

While working in my office today, I began bouncing around in one of my hard drives and came across a folder that I think I created as a lame attempt to be organized.

It was a folder of favorites...hmm, I think they're on my website. Not quite sure....how sad is that...sad that I don't even remember what's on my website. That might be a huge hint that I haven't updated it in way too long.

When I opened the folder, I thought...what's in here? {me=horrible organizer}

I smiled looking through each one of these pictures, among others. I was smiling thinking back to each session and remembering each one like they were yesterday. The giggles. The random moments. The off the wall comments that came out of my mouth. The little one that I could've talked forever with.

It was just a reminder of how much I love my job and love each family I work with.

To think of what's on all my hard drives...makes me giddy when I stumble on pictures like these. One of these days, I need to dig around in another one.

Here's a few-one too many-pictures that I had to bring out on my trip down memory lane with you.
This little guy was my second shoot since deliveries Easton. While I think I went back to work too early, I was happily filled my nights between nursing editing pictures from his session.

I get to see this little piece of sweetness every so often...and I just love her.
This sweet family was visiting in Arizona from North Carolina. The little miss was my soul sister...just full of giggles and loads of personality. I could've spend days with her and soaked each second up.
This little miss....loved her! The day of her session was hot and miserably humid. The mosquitos were horrible and it was hilarious following around her toddling self. At the end of the session, we were actually threatened to have the sherriff's office called on us for being on a property...which we were legally on...but one of the owners was a grump. I would've loved to have seen the officer called greet us and this cute girl...what he would've thought. I'm sure that person got a HUGE lump of coal in their stocking for Christmas that year.
This little dynamic brother/sister duo...were visiting all the way from the east coast as well.
One of the gorgeous mother's of twins I've photographed. Loved this session and it reminded me of my newborn twin days.

This set of brothers I'm head over heals for. Their father was a proud designer of the local Gilbert park we took pictures at.
This little guy still melts my heart. Such a peaceful picture. I absolutely big {puffy} heart his mother's hands holding his....surely never going to let go of him.
Total crack up!
This...this picture...is an all time favorite of mine. I'm happy to always look above my desk to see it framed on my shelf.
Loved this little miss...a little soccer player and all girl!
One beautiful set of twins...totally connected, totally different and best friends.

I remember meeting this little miss for the first time when she was about 6 months. I've fallen in love with her and her big sister.

So exciting to see this set of brothers in a couple weeks....we have fun plans for their session. I'm dying to see them for the third time.
Another set of perfect twins!

LOVE this set of girls...spending their last days together until they welcomed the newest girl in their family. Once baby sister arrived, she was my first session off my maternity leave...
I couldn't say enough about this set of twins and little sister....only thing different with these three is they have a cute baby sister.

I love each of their names...Piper, Landis, Lela and baby sister Phoebe.
I absolutely loved going through old pictures of mine. While I definitely saw where my processing has changed between sessions....one thing stayed the same, I loved capturing life. Capturing the little moments in life...the one thing that I love giving each of my clients.


NP said...

I LOVE this trip down memory lane! LYG, N