Popping in...for a bit.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

To keep from rambling, I just wanted to pop in on my little blog to say hi. I know I've been totally MIA lately and I have one fabulous reason.

I didn't take much of a break from work this year and scheduled August on the low end with shoots to allow my family an adjustment to our girls pre-K schedule. Also, to attempt to organize the backend of my business.

While I have several pictures waiting to be blogged of my girls first day of school and client shoots, I wanted to share a rare moment....me, in front of the camera with my girls.

One of my girlfriends also takes her daughter to the same preschool, and I was unbelievably grateful that she was still there to help me on the first day. She watched over my little man...A.K.A. wild man Easton... and was quick to offer to take a picture of me with my girls.

This is a moment that was so monumental for me....reference: previous emotional blogpost from one guilt riden momtog.

My baby girls. 5 years ago I never dreamed I would be where I am in life today and each second I'm, on my knees, thanking God for each day.

Each day of complete happiness, days filled with craziness from my endless battle at attempting to manage a business/life and finding the little moments that I get to spend reading to my son and playing with Barbies while thinking this is my life and I love it.
As I mentioned earlier, I only scheduled a few sessions in August to give myself a little time off to clean up a stack of papers and prepare for the holiday season ahead of me.

It's funny...at the start of the summer my mind was already spinning on how I was planning to organize my fall, I began a search for holiday cards and thinking of where I would like to hold my holiday mini sessions. After much thought, I finally committed and sent out the mini session details to the "first to know" list. And within days, my October and November were booked and I have a scheduled weekend in the Arizona mountains. At this point, I have a few spots left for mini sessions in October and currently waiting for reservation deposits before releasing available times at the end of this week. For the spots open, I'm waiting until the end of the week to received the deposits and then I'll reopen my calendar.

Once again, I'm flattered to have scheduled so quickly with clients I'm happy to see each year and meeting new clients. And I know I write this every fall season, I'm going to keep a tight schedule...this year my life will depend on that tight schedule. Which means, I won't be squeezing any sessions in.

Just today I was emailing with a client and already started looking into the start of 2011 and I had to take a deep breathe...2011, eek. Where did 2010 go?

Everyone, thanks again for staying with me on this crazy ride. I've recently been going through past galleries and finding pictures that my heart loved and never shared on the blog. These pictures will be making a blog debut....sooner than later I hope.

P.S. A client recently started a clothing line that I'm happy to be a part of. So exciting...for her and that I get to see each piece.


kim weiss said...

Oh, Tami, love this of you and your girlies!! Can't wait to hear how it all went!

NP said...

Ohhhh, I LOVE this picture of the three of you! Their dresses look adorable ~ can't wait to show Papa! LYG, N