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Monday, July 26, 2010

I recently had a session that had been weeks in the planning. Our calendars finally matched up so that I could capture this sweet girl celebrating her 9th birthday.

Every time I photograph her, I think of Jennifer Aniston. The best part is she is the sweetest.

She is all girly girl and I always seem to photograph her in locations that I know can be very painful for her with all the creepy crawlers...this location kept up to our tradition. And, with me not thinking, I wore flip flops...and found myself trampling through dirt that was softer than sand, in an old crop of something, and ants everywhere. Needless to say, I think I was more creeped out than her. The best part, she did not complain one bit...and I had her in places that were definitely homes to tiny creatures.

I love my little Ryn.

We held this session early, and it was a day I woke up with a migraine...add the blaring, hot sun and it was getting painful. Thankfully, this session was just what I needed to drown my migraine in the mounds of medicine I just took.

Ryn...thanks for being just what I needed that day. YOU were worth all the dirt, ants and bright sun. Hope you had a great day back to school.


sportzmom said...

I can't believe she's only nine! She's gorgeous. Great shots despite the ants!

Anonymous said...

What WONDERFUL pictures of my beautiful baby girl. You say the sweetest things, and it makes me very proud to be Ryn's daddy.

You are becoming such a beautiful girl. No matter how old you get, no matter how beautiful you get, and no matter how much I might embarrass you in the future...you will ALWAYS be my little baby girl and I will ALWAYS be there for you whenever you need me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tami I had fun with you! I like the places you take me to get my pictures done! You are such a fabulous photographer! I think your funny when you say Im going to tickle you,open your eyes more.


barb said...

you have a new niche - modeling portfolio. She is gorgeous and you bring out the best!

barb said...

you may have a new niche-modeling portfolio. She is gorgeous and you bring out the best!

Anonymous said...

Awesome Tami, what a beautiful young girl!


NP said...

I LOVE these beautiful pictures. Sorry too about the migrane and the ants. LYG, N