My day.....

Friday, June 4, 2010

... was spent with 6 darling children....actually 4 kids 2-4 years old, one 1 year old and one baby that just turned 1.

It was a perfect day...busy...but perfect.

Have I said enough how much I love children...I really do.

I love how girls can be sassy and forcing myself to let them have that freedom (to an extent of course), I love how a 2 year old explores talking with her hands on her hips, I love my girls totally fired up to see their friends, I've loved how I've watched my girls build friendships. I love how my little guy likes to follow his sisters around...and they let him. I especially love how my baby boy is totally smitten with babies and tries to figure them out.

Today was busy but I was happy.

Now, be warned...if you ever leave your children with me, be prepared.

Be prepared that they most likely will play with a waterhose and get filthy...and if you're having a birthday, you'll get a mini photo session.

Little miss sweet cheeks turned 1.

And one year ago, I photographed her when she was just days old.

To her family, I've loved getting to know each of your daughters and just love each of them to pieces.

{photo geek talk}
Sadly, in our new house it's also a light dungeon from the sunscreens...these pictures were taken at a super slow shutter speed. For me, I personally prefer to stay above 1/125 SS as I don't have a very steady hand. Although, I was happy with the captures at 1/80 SS with an f2.
The SS totally gets the sweet movements of her little active hands.


Leah said...

I am a weirdo and always pop those suncreens off! tee hee!what a sweet chub-a-lub!

NP said...

These are absolutely adorable and I'm glad I had the chance to see ALL the kiddos yesterday :) LYG, N

SloneFamily said...

Have I told you how much I just adore you :)

The last one has my name on it..... and the bum cheeks, well, really all four of them I just love!