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Saturday, May 1, 2010

There really wasn't one single thing that I wasn't falling head over heels in love with during my session with Miss M.

I seriously went googly eyed when I first met her...her hair would leave any girl jealous and her personality was a crack up. I seriously could sit and talk with her all day and love each second of it.

For now, I'll share with you a glimpse from my time with her.

Bwah ha ha....I think I might recognize the photographer in the glasses reflection.
Sweet little M had the sweetest outfit....with the hat being the perfect detail for it. What I loved most about her outfit was the shirt offered texture, adding the sweater was the perfect layering idea and the hat was just the detail to take her outfit to the next level in matching the location we had her session at.

Her mother had pulled each of these items from a few of my favorite kids stores:
Gap kids
Old Navy
Crewcuts (JCrew kids line)
And yep...the total diva shot.

At the last minute, her mother and I talked about adding a few girlie items to her shoot...sunglasses...LOVEd it! And to add one of her personal favorites to remember this special age....her loved teddy bear Georgie.

To Miss M's parents...thanks for a fabulous time. I loved each minute with you guys.
And thanks everyone for letting me have my little pity party yesterday. I swear, I'm putting away my party balloons and putting my big girl pants back one! Everyone has one of those days right. But what I do have to say is I loved each of the comments and sweetly surprised from the very sweet emails. One of which was from my friend Jodie who is going through a terrible illness with daugher and yet she took time to text and email me a bit of advice. allergy issue is nothing compared to what she's watching her daughter go through. To read about it click HERE.


Anonymous said...

Soooo adorable!!!!! LYG, N