Oodles of my girls!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My time with the girls was way too much fun...and the best part is they were great. Not once did they whine or complain...we had such fun.

One of the locations we took pictures at was a bug filled field...my Cam was in heaven and Cash kept worrying about what bug was getting on her. But, as I spotted a ladybug...my girls went full blown giggles from there. And, we were on a ladybug hunt and found a few.

My Cash isn't big on bugs but she couldn't resist holding a ladybug. She kept giggling and giggling while holding it. I just wanted to bottle up her giggles and forever keep them.

This sweet picture is in the top 3 for a large print in my kitchen...

Now, I'm just stumped if I should print a picture where I can see their sweet faces better or forever see this moment.
Big decisions.
on another note:
Since last fall, I've taught a few more small group classes as those have asked. In the past, I've had an attendee host the class. Now that I moved closer to Gilbert, I will now be hosting classes at my house. I'm not quite sure how often I'll schedule a class...

If you're interested in attending a class on learning the basics of your DSLR camera (the kind where you can change out the lens)...send me an email and I'll share with you the details for the class. I've tweaked the layout of the class to better fit everyone's needs and keep the spinning minds to a minimum.

Feel free to email me and learn to use your camera better....meaning, stop taking pictures in the "green" mode. My first class is scheduled for early May.


~cHaNnOne~ said...

Your photos are SO great! How much post-processing do you do? Do you use reflectors or anything when you take photos outside? Your photographs just have great color and depth!

I think print the photo that captured the moment. =)

Tami Proffitt said...

aw, thanks for your sweet compliment!

i actually don't do a loads of PP...way too much time. nailing the exposure is key. however, i do have a bit of fun dodging and burning. and yes, i do use a reflector for outdoor shoots...SOMETIMES! but honestly i laugh totally outloud at the thought of using one with not only my kids but other kids. i'm sure i would totally blind them and cause serious eye damage. NOT to mention the circus act it would resemble managing the light. THAT would be a sight to see! on a note about the color on these...the super green glowing grass is due to the super harsh sun shining on it. i simply placed my girls near open shade to get the beautiful light i wanted.

hope my lengthy comment helped. feel free to email me if this was clear as mud!

thanks for commenting!

NP said...

Ahhhh ~ these ar just so darned precious! My vote is to print several of these and hang them . . . it IS a big wall :) LYG, N