Happily introducing Cinnamonsticks!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

This sweet little giveaway has been in the works for a bit now...and I'm happy to be a part of it.

I don't quite remember how I found Cinnamonsticks or when, but I knew as soon as I saw her pieces...I found a designer that I loved. Since I've found this little slice of heaven, I've shared her link on my blog.

By now, I'm hoping you've made a little visit over to the amazing jewelry designer Cinnamonsticks or maybe you've been to her blog. If you've been there, then I know you've got your eye on a one too many of her beautiful pieces.

Meet Canela...the brains behind Cinnamonsticks!

And I just love her! Here is a little interview with Canela for you to get to know her!
1. While we all know you're the brains behind Cinnamonsticks jewelry, what got you started in creating and selling your beauties?
I started making beaded jewelry when I was 13. My folks bought a kit for me to keep me busy on a vacation and I was instantly hooked. I started selling my jewelry to help pay for my bead addiction ;)

2. What was the inspiration for your jewelry line's name...Cinnamonsticks?
My name is Spanish for Cinnamon so Cinnamon Sticks fit just right.

3. How do you manage with a thriving business and six children? {yes, you read that right...6 kids}
Now be honest...what are the ticks and tocks of your day to day life, what have you learned that you can share with us.
With copious amounts of caffeine!
A typical day looks like this...
Up at 6 to get the kids ready for school, answer a few e-mails. Our oldest 3 head out to school at 8. I take a trip out to the post office to mail packages. Home by 9. Clean up the kitchen and sweep up the floors. Do "school time" with my 3 and 4 year old. The baby lays down at 11 for a nap. I tend to more e-mails and try to get a few orders done. We have lunch, clean up and head out to pick up the boys from school at 2. The boys start their home work and then back out at 3:30 to get our oldest from middle school. We get back and work on more home work. Cook dinner, eat as a family, then clean up. Go through bed time rituals. Everyone (Except our oldest girl) goes to bed at 7. I spend a bit of time with my hubby and then get to my work bench by 9. I usually work between 9pm and midnight but sometimes at late as 2am. Whew! Longs days :O)
Hmmm what tips to pass along... I plan our weekly menu over the weekend and then I cook as much as I can on Sunday. It makes dinner prep on weeknights a snap and we can enjoy family time over dinner.

4. It's clear from your beautiful jewelry pieces that you have an eye for detail. Your designs is beautiful. If you weren't designing jewelry, where would you use your passion for creativity?
I honestly can't imagine another creative outlet I LOVE metalsmithing. The first time I set foot in a jewelry store when I was 6 I knew I would have my own jewelry business when I was a grown up.
But if you twist my arm and force an answer out of me, I would have to say cooking and baking.

5. From reading your blog, I've enjoyed seeing little peeks into your life as a mother of 6. I'm always impressed by other mothers and would love to read a few of the core foundations your hope to instill in your children?
Kindness Integrity and passion. My biggest hopes for my kids are that God is the center of their lives. That they are kind to others even when it is difficult. That honor their promises and commitments and that they find a career they are passionate about no mater what that may be.

6. Because I can be random...
My friend Jodie, prefers to be connected to a fountain Mountain Dew by IV drip. What is a part your everyday life, what do you crave to get through each day?
Diet coke! I swear they add something to it to make it addictive. I totally could walk around with an IV drip in my arm!

7. Final questions.....
What do you wear more? Bracelets, necklaces, or earrings?
If you had to pick 3 favorites from your jewelry line....what would they be?
I made one of these bracelets for myselfhttp://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=40977861 and I've worn it every day since! I stamped the inside of mine with "Full hands Full heart" and my hubby's and kiddies names. I hear at least 3 times a day when I'm out in public "wow your hands are full" My favorite answer to give is Full hands Full Heart. We love that we have been blessed with 6 amazing kids.
Pick only 3?!!
This week it would have to be these...
But if I can sneak in a 4th I LOVE these earrings too!!
{hee hee, I loved you sneaking in more! Glad I'm not the only one with a spinning mind when I look at your jewelry!}

And I know, I mentioned a giveaway...but that'll be saved for tomorrow!

Today....loads of eye candy is in store for you!

{really is what I think of each of you that read my blog}

And because I love a little jewelry myself...here are my favorites!

Here is one piece I've been eyeing. THIS piece is another. I was happy to give THIS to my mom for Christmas. AND I loooooove THIS!

Now, be sure to check back tomorrow for Canela's gift to one of you readers.