A girl thing!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Just yesterday I was at the mall with all three kids in tow. While we were there, a sweet woman was helping me and commented on my girls. It wasn't long until I told her my girls were twins...typically follows after I'm asked if they are close in age.

I always giggle from the questions and sweet compliments on how different they look. Which they are as different in personality as in looks. She then asks if my Cam was the girly girl and Cash was my more tomboy. And, she's thinking this as Cam was pinked out with a bow and Cash wearing her new favorite skinny jeans, typical black shirt and her hair down. I couldn't help but laugh as that couldn't be more opposite.

It's just that Cam lets me put whatever on her and really would be fine if I dressed her in her brother's clothes. BUT, Cash is all about choosing her clothes, hair and shoes...at times is very frustrating. No kidding, yesterday she looked at her closet while picking her outfit, she told me she doesn't like her clothes and needs to go buy new ones. Eeek...I'm in trouble.

She's also my little lover of makeup. Here is her first attempt at putting on makeup she got for her birthday.

My Cash...my girly girl!


I'm going for a long shot here but.....
by any chance does anyone need a super fabulous rental in Queen Creek. It's an absolutely adorable 2200 sq ft home on a quiet, very family oriented street with neighbors that are a dream...really, the super kid friendly kind.

And, it's my first and only house for the past 6 years. I love this house!

If you should know of anyone interested, send me an email at tpqueencreek{at}yahoo.com. I would so appreciate it.


SloneFamily said...

This is so funny, because Just yesterday Jenna was asking me if your kids were in dance again, and I said well Cashlyn is , but Cam just watches she isn't that into it. And she said yeah I imagined the blonde to be the girly one into dance--- and I quickly corrected her that Cam is the blondie who is anything but a "girly" girl! Funny what first impressions hold.

I'll keep my ears open for renters :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!! These are hysterical and beautiful all at the same time. The finished product is FABULOUS! Ohhhh, our sweet little Cash!!!! LYG, N