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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This sweet group of 5 kids are cousins....I could have spend an entire day just photographing them and been completely content.

Miss C...while I love this sweet smile.
This look of hers is amazing at any angle.
And then her sister Miss T...her giggle cracks me up.
But she can rock the intense look like it's her job. Too die for cute.
Miss S....every look is fab on her.

Sweet busy Mr. H ... I loved anything he chose to give me. By the way, why are doors the number one favorite of all 2 year olds. I won't complain though, it gives me a few seconds.

The oldest Miss M...I fell in love with this look.
But then I die over her sweetness.
One of the main reasons I met up with this fab 5 was for a group picture.
{insert laugh when including a 2 year old}
While I did capture a few...the outtakes keep me laughing. Mr. H had his mother running circles keeping him in one space for a millisecond and the 3 ring circus put on to entertain him should've been filmed for a Saturday Night Live skit.

Although the the expressions might not be frame worthy pictures, the moments were hysterical.

{side note}
I have one spot left for my April mini session. As always, scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. Email me if you're interested. If you want me and it's yours.


NP said...

Adorable pictures and I especially LOVE the group pictures with the 2 year old. I'm still cracking up. LYG, N

Anonymous said...

Every single one of these kiddos are GORGEOUS. They should model!!! No. Really! They are beautiful kids! Great pics.