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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Baby cocoon courtesy of Cricket Creations

At first I thought I'd leave this post with only pictures as the pictures speak for themselves...but I can't resist writing how much I love each of my clients.

I met this family almost 2 years ago...back when the twins turned 3, Miss L as a baby and before baby P wasn't even a thought.

And here I am today, capturing the family finally complete with their newest baby girl.

This really does leave me speechless. Without words for my appreciation that they've continued to trust me to capture their children and their family as they are....simply beautiful.

While my hobby turned into a really isn't a job to me. I get to know each of my clients, remember them, their words, and personalities. I take each clients invitation to capture them personally and with all seriousness. I put great thought into planning their session and selecting their pictures for processing.

This newborn session was beautiful...simply beautiful. I think what was the super helping hand during our time together was there was no "getting to know" me was, Miss Tami's here and we're ready.

To the H family...thank you for an incredible time. Each one of your children is beautiful and I'm thankful I've gotten to know each of them. And I'm beyond thrilled to finally have all 6 of you in front of my camera.

While on the topic of loving my I photographed a family that has me by the heart. And if you've read my blog for awhile...then I believe they've had you by the heart too. Here's a hint...a sundae was named after their sweet baby girl. Whom actually will be turning 8 months in a couple days. There will definitely be a sneak peek from their cuteness.


traci said...

wow. what an absolutely gorgeous family!!

NP said...

What a beautiful family indeed!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tami you did a wonderful job. There is much love in the family and in your pictures too.
Thank you
Grandma Peggy