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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm going to start with, other than photographing my kids birthdays...I've never photographed another's party. On Valentine's Day...I photographed my first birthday party and loved it.

This past weekend, my friend Sarah Goodman asked me to cover a birthday party for her and I was more than happy to do it. Also...had fun being a little fly on the wall capturing all the sweet little moments that get forgotten during a party.

Meet Mr. J....celebrating his 3rd birthday with a circus themed party.
One thing I learned about Mr. J is he LOVES cars!
These two cars were cute is it that he's shoving them in his shirt pocket! And he carried them there.
LOVE it!

Hello....birthday happiness....presents!
And of course, sneaking some cake loving!
Oh to be 3 again! Have a fabulous year Mr. J!


Anonymous said...

These are just precious Tami!!! Mr. J is darling and such a big boy sitting so still for the face painting! LYG, N

sarah goodman said...

TAMI....I LOVED seeing these...he is SO big now! You captured this so very well! It's so fun to see the same people from your perspective! :) see you soon!