Exciting News!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Last week was a wonderful week of good news. I came home from a great visit with a few of my favorite kids to read an email from my printing lab. An email asking if I would grant them permission to use one my pictures from an order to feature as a picture of the day and to be printed in a quarterly publication.

Did I have to think for a second....NOPE!

I was literally shaking happy to read this email and completely honored. Here is a peek from my printer's feature.

I can't believe I didn't share this sooner.

Right after I read this email, I got right on Facebook as that was the closest I could get to screaming my happiness. And I'm still smiling from this good news. Again, completely honored.


Jen said...

Congrats Tami! Gorgeous image! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh that is SO exciting. Love the picture . . . and it couldn't happen to a better person! LYG, N

Jill said...