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Friday, January 1, 2010

Okay...{insert happily running in place}just the other day I found out about how January is going to be a wonderful month for a very deserving family.

Back in September I had the fortunate opportunity to work with a beautiful family faced with a huge obstacle in their life...their 3 month old daughter, Scarlett, was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Astrophy. The walls in their life started to feel like they were caving in around them.

Could I...for one second...imagine what they must be feeling or going through? way and no how.

Spinal Muscular Astrophy affects 1 in 6,000 children.
SMA is the leading genetic killer of children under 2 years old.
THIS condition has brought on piles and thousands of dollars in medical bills each month. could another month be wonderful for them. Let me tell you!

Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt has decided to offer them a huge helping hand. For the entire month of January, Nevada and five Arizona locations are raising money to help Scarlett's family with their medical bills. And the best part....they named a sundae after her...the Scarlett Sundae. For each Scarlett Sundae they sell, $1 will be given to the family. AND...they also created Scarlett bucks in which you can purchase for any monetary value. All proceeds from the Scarlett bucks will go to the family...not a portion...ALL of it.

Can you believe it? I LOVE good people.

With today being the first of the new year, we all headed to the Signal Butte/Baseline location to endulge in a sundae, expand our waistlines and make our tummies super happy while helping a baby. We also filled our time by talking about why we were eating the sundaes and the meaning of our visit.

FYI...the sundae isn't the standard strawberry or chocolate syrup kind. I'll let you find out what kind it is. All I'll write is it was the most amazing sundae I've eaten.


When I met with this family last September, Scarlett was 3 months old. She is now 6 months old. I was able to visit with her mother over a month ago and see Scarlett again. Sadly, Scarlett was sleeping but I did get a sweet peek of her. She is still as beautiful as ever.

However, as time has passed...her SMA has rapidly progressed. She is losing muscle control. She is now receiving help with feeding and breathing. She is able to control her neck but has minimal movement of her arms.

When I first met Scarlett's mom, she told me she was planning on taking this disease head on. That while she grieved, she also committed herself to raise awareness for this genetic disease and ensure families receive the care needed at the onset of it.

I'll be honest, it's hard to know this is happening to a baby. But, Scarlett's mother is facing this disease with strength. And standing on any rooftop to scream for those to hear, learn about, and join her in fighting for better care a SMA and find a cure.

Here are just a few moments from Scarlett's session.

Oh and I can't believe I left this for the end... when I went into the Golden Spoon, my jaw hit the ground to see Scarlett's family used one of my pictures for the Golden Spoon poster. Now...believe me when I write that I literally squealed. So, image me squealing over the picture and my girls happy dancing that they were getting a a line...with other people...all of us looking real good and probably crazy!

AND, I also forgot to share that channel 15 news did a clip on this a few days ago. To view the news clip, go HERE.

Now, there are several Golden Spoon Frozen Yougurt locations participating throughout the valley. Two are in Scottsdale and three in the east valley. The three in the east valley are:
Val Vista/Warner
Signal Butte/Baseline
*the Signal Butte location is just south of the I-60, next to the IMAX theater.

Now...go and endulge. Share the wonderful news with your family and friends and help a great family with a beautiful baby girl.

And while I can write how amazing this family is until I'm blue in the face. My words will never be enough. So, I'm sharing with you a beautiful video created by Scarlett's parents. This video is just a glimpse of this families inner beauty, unconditional love for their daughter and the terrible disease that is now a part of their life and taking control of their daughter.

Click HERE to view. Please view it...believe me it will be good for your soul.


NP said...

I love the video that Scarlett's parents made!! Thank you for giving us access to it and for letting us know about how wonderful the Golden Spoons are! I can't wait to get my Scarlett Sundae. I should have joined you today ~ darn. LYG, N

Julie said...

I actually saw this news story when I was in AZ! I had no idea it was one of your families. The video was beautiful and brought me to tears! Although the visual of you squealing in the store made me laugh! I love how you are still so surprised that people use your work! :)

liz depuydt said...

Hi Tami-
This is my first time reading your blog... and it is just beautiful. What an impossibly challenging time Scarlett and her family are facing, my heart and prayers go out to them. And the memories you have given them through your images are absolutely wonderful! Thank you for sharing this story, liz

Tami Proffitt said...

thanks everyone! this family is truly beautiful on the inside and out...with an incredibly big heart!

liz...thanks for reading my blog and thanks for the compliment!