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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Many of you that follow my blog have read the horrific story of my sweet Ky being involved in an accident after she left my house...an accident that I'm still thanking God for protecting her in.

I recently met up with two of my favorite children...yes, they are an extension to my family.

Now for my honorary mommy bragging rights...I have to shine light on these two.

For starters, this whole photography hobby turned job all started and grew with these two when they were 6 and 7 years old. Shortly after their mother and I had met as teachers. And, here we are years later...and still putting up with my camera.

As a child, Trev moaned and groaned over whatever I put him through...and now, well when I go to take his picture, I just prompt him to do his thing. Because, he's that comfortable in front of the camera.

And with each shoot of these big babies...I'm that sappy, second mother that gets teary eyed looking at them and wondering where all the years have gone. While I've been there for every single milestone and achievement in their lives...I feel like I blinked and they grew up on me.

I still see them as little kids. I see me playing GI Joe with Trev and watching Ky just sit glued to her mother and not say a word because she was THAT shy!

I will say, hands down...Trev and Ky's parents are the most incredibled people I know. And they are stellar in raising amazing teenagers...and I can only hope I follow in similar foot steps as my babies grow. At least I have Aunt Kimi and Uncle Don to help pick up the slack when we fall flat on our face with the mistakes I'm sure will make. But, I do know this family will be there with us to celebrate every achievement and each step in our kids lives.

Now, for the fun outtakes from their super mini mini session. Because, that's what you get when you're tight with my family.
Now I totally giggle at the picture above and where these two are standing. Sweet Ky is standing on a step...yet, you can't see this step. Which makes it look like she has the longest abnormal legs for a 16 year old.
And...during this shoot, Trev asked when we're doing his senior portraits. Which I happily told him I have big plans for him and his bestie...and it'll involve LOTS of driving! Driving to the most random places to explore and have major photographic fun. What I loved, is him being totally up for all I have planned!
***AND, we'll just go ahead and pretend we didn't see the NO TRESPASSING sign! I will go with the assumption that trespassing is prohibited beyond the doors.:)


Anonymous said...

I totally looked at this last picture and saw the sign and was hoping you had permission to be there then I read what you wrote and cracked up. These are really wonderful pictures of these two beautiful children (young adults)! Soooo cute!!!!! LYG, N