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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Now seriously, this age is the BEST! Actually a personal favorite of mine...9 months old. Sadly, I don't see many babies this age...it's typically at birth or a year old.

When I heard little Miss T was 9 months, I smiled ear to ear!
And oh so pretty in her gorgeous Christmas dress.
To the L family...you guys rocked out the fastest family session ever. It also didn't help how cold it was...brrr! Thanks again!
On the personal side....
I'm giddy happy tonight! Why? Because I'm officially done for a couple weeks...hee hee, I squeezed in a newborn twins session! Ah, what can I say...I can't resist twins.

Today, I whipped out my twin sister's family session and photographed my babies. Now, my sister's session was AMAZINGLY fun, as always. And mine, it waaaaas great. I had an idea played out in my head and as parents of little ones, we all know our plans don't always play out. But, happily mine took a super fun twist. Which left me loads of out takes! Let's just say, I had the hairbrain idea to include our sweet dog...which lasted all of 4 minutes and he was back in the car. My husband was a fabulous assistant and I'm left with sweet pictures for our Christmas card.

I'll be anxious to start on those!


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, she is DAR~LING! LYG, N