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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

This evening, I met up with my cousin's family...for their rescheduled shoot due to the nasty weather we had over the weekend. The biggest reason for the reschedule, I couldn't imagine it being to fun photographing a 4 month old and 3 year old with horrible wind and super chilly temperatures.

Despite the reschedule, the shoot was loads of fun...leaving me with oodles of pictures for a sneak peek...because I couldn't narrow them down.

{BTW...I typically leave out any pictures that may be potential Christmas card pictures...however, this sneak peek might have a couple that I simply couldn't resist sharing}

First up, a hysterical outtake during family pictures...sorry Aung!
This, steamy I tell ya...STEAMY!
And ... one of the future models in this family. Literally, performs on cue!
He probably takes notes from his father...who totally tapped into his inner model for this shoot!
Sweet baby I...despite the reschedule...the temperature was still a bit chilly for her loads of giggles! But we did get some smiling shots...but let me write this girl is loaded with cute grins! But, I love her giving us a glimpse of her tongue with drool as an accessory.
This... just makes me giggle!
Because they were filled with giggles!
Another favorite family outtake! LOVE it...just LOVE it!
And love this...whenever someone went in to kiss eyes closed with anticipation.
But ... Miss baby I ... definitely had sweet eyes for her mommy and daddy!

And...saving one of the best for last! Big sister M. Who happens to be studying photography and I think she will do fabulous in this! She has such an eye for style!
Now...three sessions down...and four left to go! I'm giddy happy as tomorrow is my day to photograph my babies...I can't wait! Am I ready...probably not! I'm waiting to see which friend I can recruit to help in this venture.

Right now...I can say that after this holiday madness is camera will be taking a day at the spa (ie camera guy). My black box baby will be getting a GOOD overhaul in cleaning and tune up!


NP said...

I love all of these and especially the drool that you were able to capture :) LYG, N

Leah said...

You are getting so good with this lovely lighting I love the sun and the post processing...miss you friend!


I LOVE them all!!!!! Again, AMAZING job!