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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Yesterday I met with two very sweet families. Two families from opposite sides of the country. Two families with beautiful children. And two families gifted with a family session from their sweet mother.

When talking with the incredible woman with this sweet idea...I loved her reasoning. She wanted each of her children to have a session capturing them, something a family rarely does for themselves. She was so right. As parents we take the time to get wonderful pictures of our children, but seem to forget ourselves as a whole...let alone the two that are the glue holding the family together.

So right. So true!

Here is the glue to the beautiful B family.

And, I have to add...this gorgeous mother just had a baby 6 weeks ago. Now seriously, what are these other mothers doing that make them look so good and me like I rolled out of bed each second of the day.

While I'm technically on vacation... I couldn't resist processing a few. This one made me giggle out loud!


NP said... made me giggle too! LYG, N