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Monday, October 12, 2009

Today was by far the craziest shooting day yet it was literally the best. I began my day of shooting at 12:30...and left the location at 6:00. While this seems incredibly long...the hours flew by, leaving moments literally a blur, me constantly I the luckiest photographer in Arizona?

Lucky because today's location was the farthest location I've held a shoot at and each one of my client's made the drive to see me. Having one client think she had the wrong area as her GPS kept telling her she reached her destination but she only saw a brick wall...but then, then she turned into the photographer's utopia.

It was this, among other details, that made me smile and happy and giggle as I quickly chatted with each returning client. Often cutting off conversations as I dropped down to quickly photograph another moment I'd die if I missed.

As I downloaded each picture...and trust me the picture amount is astronomical...I was dying to pick my favorites and share. Believe me...chosing the pictures to post was difficult, I mean DIFFICULT! Right now, I see several long days of chosing and editing my favorites from each mini in my future.

First up... ring around the rosey.

One little guy who tried to be a fan of this hat...and there were moments that he did love it!

Another sweetie who'll soon be 2...that leaves me in awe for his battle with cancer and BEAT it! Last time I photographed him...he was diagnosed with cancer a month after our photography playdate. His parents are fabulous and I definitely did not get enough time to catch up with them. To A and J... I'm sorry our time together was at lighting speed.

Reintroducing a little girl I giggle at just the thought of photographing...happily twirling with her daddy.

My sweet Miss P...the only thing missing here is a phone! This girl typically has two things glued to her hands...a phone and lipstick {aka Kool-Aid chapstick}

Mister little man that is UBER stylin'! This picture cracks me up...

AND...hands down, my all time favorite from today's sessions...
Have I ever written my love for evening light...oh how I love thee, let me count the ways!
Add super sweet and sassy sisters and I could just melt in my chair.
Mini sessions are scheduled with one goal in mind...getting THAT picture...whether it's a family picture or of the children. Which can be done in small sessions, the only problem is I have little time with each family. Meaning, shooting fast {lighting speed}+ moving a LOT + little room for catch up chit chat on each families latest happenings. So, today's sessions were very good but I totally regret not getting near enough time to talk.

To each family, thank you for making the drive to me for a short amount of shooting time...thank you for being understanding when I was running late...thanks for trying to follow my on and off again conversations and random thoughts...and most importantly, thank you for sharing your beautiful families with me. my favorite little man! Thank you for trying to smile for me even though you were just not feeling the camera time after being woken from your nap. I love you...

Rman was so tired from a very long weekend and was trying to be such a trooper for me. Just before he pulled a smile from all he had, he told me, "Okay Tami, I'll smile for you." And he gave a super good try.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Tami,all of these pictures are super duper incredible! I can see why you love this spot! I'll be home again soon so be thinking about a day next week you'd like to devote to working! LYG, N

Michelle @ Sweet Moments said...

Love, love, love all the pics - especially that sweet little baby and that adorable knit hat... too cute! And isn't that location such a photographer's dream - I do wish it was closer, too!

Leah said...

Are you serious! That location is TDF! What fun mini sessions! YAY!

maggie said...

awesome, awesome!!!