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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

While I'm in the height of the busiest time of my job...I found this picture that never saw bloglight. Can you believe it? How did this get missed?
This little guy was one of my sweet, squishy 2 week old newborns. I can't begin stress how important it is to have your newborn shoot held within the first 2 weeks of arrival. I could list the gazillion reasons why...but I'll spare you the chitty chatty of that. Just trust me...photographing this young has so many bonus'...one of which, captures them in a stage that literally changes within one...maybe two...blinks of an eye.

Before you know it...your sleepy, curly and dreamy newborn will be all eyes and ready to play and you'll think, where did my newbie go?


SloneFamily said...

OH So cute! Yeah back up this post with how uncooperative Ky was and that will convince!! Lol :) So glad you convinced us to do ours so early. Those are pictures I will cherish forever!

NP said...

Ahhh, so peaceful! LYG, N