Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Our halloween was FABulous! We celebrated the festivities at my twin sister's house...which is always an over the top ordeal. She began the celebration with pumpkin painting...followed it with fun activities, pizza...dress up time and walked off all the junk we ate on the trick or treating hike she led us on.

Here is the start of the festivities this year.

{yes...my Cam is wearing her beautiful Ariel wig. Which I might add is the most obnoxious red/orange I have EVER seen! We cracked up every time we looked at her. I love it!}
My baby licking her lips after demolishing the bowl of Doritos my sis had out! Can we say...unhealthy dinner?! HA!

This cracks me up...my sweet little personality filled Cam. Where this is coming from I have NO idea...because seconds later...
...she was this! This little miss was cracking us up all night!
My nephew Jake.

And my newest niece Baby Elle....a name I personally gave her!
This year, I had loads of ideas on taking my kids pictures in their costumes. Sadly, NOT one of my ideas went into play. Why? We simply got caught up in the fun that we just lost track of time...so, just as the sun was setting...I quickly took pictures of Easton while the girls ate their dinner.

Here is my sweet, little 8 legged octopus.

And my Ariel. Wait...is this natural lighting...um NO! Thank goodness for the handy dandy, annoying and yucky built in flash on my camera. I rarely use the flash, but this evening called for it...and I don't pack around my attachment. BUT, I was sure thankful for the built in flash tonight.

While trick or treating, if there was a boulder nearby...she happily climbed on it and assumed the total Ariel role where she pushes herself up while singing the chorus to the Little Mermaid song, Part of your world.

She honestly, makes me giggle...A LOT!

And my sweet, yet sassy, Jasmine. She wasn't the biggest fan of my camera tonight...but did tolerate it for mommy memories.
My girls...Princess Jasmine and Princess Ariel...hair and all!
Today, halloween flew by too fast. There was such build up to it in prepping with the costumes, talking about princesses and how the night would play out...and I wish there was a way I could've hit a slow down button so I could have savored, cherished each moment in slow motion.

We had an amazing time though...just perfect.

Every year since my girl's first halloween, we've attended my mother in law's schools costume parade. And every year, we melt from the miserable October Arizona heat. Last year, it was 94 degrees on halloween, pure insanity. But this year, halloween was a beautiful cool, fall day. My mother in law, the kids and I happily paraded around her school and loved each second of it. Unfortunately, I went without my camera and don't have a moment of this caught...but it is such an important part of our halloween traditions. My girls and I had a blast celebrating halloween for two days. What a fabulous holiday.

I hope each of you had a great day in celebrationing one of our kid's favorite holidays.

Happy Halloween!


Anonymous said...

The kids looked so cute. That wig is still making me laugh! Looks like you all had fun. Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh ~ what fun you all had! It was a perfect two day adventure!The pictures are absolutely adorable and I'm glad you captured the perfect Halloween in pictures and words!!Love them all. LYG, N

Leah said...

YAY ! I love Haloween and your kiddos costumes are AWESOME! Love it all! What a fun time!

velvet brick said...

Hi Tami! I was sitting on my porch as the parade went by and I saw you and your kiddos and Nancy go by at the last second and wasn't able to wave and yell 'hi' to you!! So belated 'hello'!! I've been remiss from my blog visiting, so it was great to stop by and visit today! Love you and miss you!
: )
Carol D.