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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sweet is the word that comes to mind for this sweet girl. Sweet was exactly what we planned for her celebrating 2 session.
She totally worked the camera for me and blew me away! After all her work, she was able to truly enjoy sweets....while snuggling in her favorite person's lap...her mommy.

Yes...more products are to come. As I write, they are lined up for being photographed....maybe I'll get to that tomorrow...I have a horrible habit of procrastinating things I don't find joy in doing.

So, product photography is lumped with the piles of laundry that line my bedroom hallway, my daughter's filthy bathroom and the clothes waiting in my dryer to be folded. Unfortunately for my clothes but fortunately for me...the Queen of Clean gave the fabulous tip of spraying water in the drier to help release wrinkles in clothes. I LOVE the Queen of Clean...her tips are like sweet little whispers in my ear...I love them and they're all about making my life easier.


Julie said...

I LOVE the Queen of Clean too! I just had it out the other night looking up how to get coffee out of carpet! She has the best ideas!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, these are too cute ~ love the thumbs up AND the Queen of Clean! LYG, N