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Sunday, August 16, 2009

While I didn't formally announce it, I have been on a mini vacation for the past month. By mini I mean, no "official" photo shoots, simply digging myself out of the editing dungen I'm in (still a wedding left) and trying to get organized for the holiday season. I was 50% productive, it has was nice to just get on the computer, catch up on editing between my "organizing".

I should probably add, only shooting and editing is more like a vacation...I dread, and get easily bored, with the organizing part (hence why I'm stiiiiiill behind in product features).

I do have one super fun addition...Adding my personal updates on Sundays called: My daily ups & downs. While I'll continue to do my fun ramblings here and there, I thought it would be fun to sum up the highlights of each week...hoping this will give my postings a bit more fluency instead of popping in with spasmic randoms.

So...there's no better time than the present.

The past week, I had more ups then downs...
1. My ultra fun UP was attending a fabulous workshop put on by my friend, Allison Tyler-Jones. For me, I've decided workshops are a MUST. Especially before the busiest photographic season. Workshops have an incredible way of boosting my energy. I find them rejuvenating, directional and keep me from getting stale.

2. My sweet Cash had me "on the ground laughing" when we were sitting outside with my in-laws. She overheard a neighbor playing a song and quickly pointed out that it was my favorite song. I honestly couldn't hear it very good and when I asked her what it was...she told me "Mom, it's the 'Gotta Get That' song!' Huh! I listened more and then giggled. It was the Black Eyed Peas song, Boom Boom Pow song. Um, not quite sure it should be an Up moment, or even a proud mommy moment, considering there's cursing in the song. None the less, she cracks me up. I guess kids really do pay attention to everything including when their crazy mother jams out in the car with chair dancing, while air punching to the 'boom boom's'.
{note: add to the list of issues that need to be addressed in therapy}

3. My sister's baby is doing glorious after suffering from a high fever.

4. Went to a fun water park. Giggled tons with my girls and then teared up on my way home as I realized my babies were growing up faster than I was ready for.

5. Easton is in full blow movement mode. Ack!

6. Having two KICK butt sessions this weekend that included one ultra cute baby and three stylin' kids that had me permagrin my entire 45 minute drive home.

7. Had a two hour lunch with a friend I don't spend nearly enough time with...and left smiling that I have her in my life.

8. Found a jewelry designer that I loooooove...who has a few pieces I plan to buy one day. I love her work so much. I frequent her Etsy store once a week going over pieces she has and how I would loooooove for one particular piece or this piece. While I can't buy one now, it's still an up as I've been looking for creations like these for months. Now when I get the money together, I know what I'm getting. You must check out the designer Cinnamonsticks HERE and enjoy some eye candy for yourself.

9. I just received some products from a designer on Etsy. I'm incredibly flattered as she asked me to photograph her knitted pieces for her to use. Amazing clients, and now a designer, I get to work with...ah, how lucky am I. And no worries, I'll be sharing her pieces with you as soon as I have pictures of them. Here's a hint, they are SA-weet for photographers to use with newborns and babies.

{up and down}
95% of my fall season booked

1. During my workshop I functioned on two braincells....and that was after a decongestant. There's nothing worse than being asked a question that deserves an educated response and only producing a combination of consonants and vowels that equal giberish. NOT a good look! Bonus was being able to stay at my mom's during the workshop and being taken care of.

2. When at lunch with my girlfriend, I put my glasses down when I took my daughter to the bathroom and forgot them. I remembered a few minutes later and when I went back they were gone. The restaurant wasn't busy at all and yet no one turned them in. Now, while losing the glasses stinks it comes down to not being that big of a deal as it's just "a thing". There are worse things that can happen. Worse things like people of poor character benefiting from other's misfortunes and actually being okay with it. Seriously! This left my stomach in knots...but I'm using this as a reminder to raise my children with good character and provide them with lessons to make choices they can be proud of when situations arise.
And since this is a photography blog.
My proud mommy moment. My sweet budding artist. At 3 years old, she drew a spider. And not just any spider! A spider hanging by a string, with a body, legs and eyes. What the? Where the? Who the? How the....? HUH! And all on her own.

I was doing the dishes when she called me over to show me her picture. When I looked down and saw her spider, my jaw almost knocked her over on it's way to hitting the ground. Just so you know, when I draw people it's a stick figure that has no resemblance to who it's supposed to be...leading people to believe it was done by a first grader.

A sweet, 2 week old baby girl.
One adorable boy who I think needs to be available when one of my daughters is 30 years old...of course that's when my daughters will be allowed to date.
An fun 3 year old... with super cute pink fingernails...
...who loves her daddy and lamby.
And a super fast, cuuuuute 1 year old who totally chills with suckers!

And ending with a huge giggle from the last comment on my previous blog post and the few emails I've received. Sadly, for my mother yearning heart there are no babies coming in the future. While I'm hanging my head low...we are done with three. But believe me, I could do 4, 5, 6.....I don't think I could ever stop. I don't think I could ever say I'm not having children. Don't get me wrong, my days often end with me thinking of tall margaritas or a heaping glass of wine or even a shot on those rough days. But they do make me smile. There was a time I wanted 1o children...then I thought I was done with after the sleepless nights with twins and then we had baby number three...and we know we are comfortable with three.


Cheela said...


Love to read your posts. Love these pictures of the kids--I recognized them!!

We have been at a wedding in New York. I took a lot of pictures with my new camera. I am still getting used to it and I love it. I have been using the automatic settings until I can get more familiar with it. I keep my notes with me, though!!

Anonymous said...

This was a fun post to read complete with darling pictures! Cash WAS a crack up with that song. LYG, N

The Allans said...

I just bought a super cute hand stamped charm necklace similar to the one you are looking at, a few people a work have them. Check out