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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Taking my girls pictures isn't always the easiest...when trying to photograph the little moments of their days, I pull my camera and they quickly drop their heads, duck and run. Hmm, my husband always laughs at me and says how one day they'll need therapy for how they grew up in front of my camera.

Why...well, I'll confess, I can be that mom. That mom that bribes her children with candy for a picture, threaten with whatever and throw the occasional lie that a butterfly is on my camera just to get the look.

But this day, I thought...this is where I need to remember to have my children be included in having their say in the fun for getting their picture taken. Trying to remember to ask the girls if I can take their picture, what they might want to do when getting their picture taken, make it a Simon Says game for getting the other ones picture taken, have a mini photoshoot while doing their favorite whatever... I just try to think of anything to make it fun. I want my girls to look back at their childhood and not think that I loved my camera more, but that I loved capturing their essence, innocence, playfulness, toddlerness, sassiness and their love.

Here are my girls...playing with balloons. And this filled oodles of fun camera loving time while getting their giggles, hugs, patience and curiousity.

These girls are true inspiration for my love for photography.

On another note:
Today I made a major mistake. Today, I thought I could play hairdresser with my sweet Cash's hair. Today I crawled to my hair dressing bestie for forgiveness for seriously screwing up my daughter's hair.

As my husband asked me what in the world I was thinking...all I could say was it all started with a simple trim for some dead ends. As her hair was uneven, I kept trying to fix it. Now....well, I'll just write it resembles a bad Dora the Explorer cut, minus bangs. It's bad. There is a reason why I have someone do my daughter's hair cuts. There is a reason why I should only use scissors to cut coupons or art projects.

These pictures are literally the last proof of Cash's long hair. Now, here is the answer to my girlfriend's question...
Yes, I did learn my lesson.


SloneFamily said...

OH NO!! What did you do to Cashlyn's hair??? Im nervous. Stick to coupons Tami, for the sake of your girls. HA HA, that is absolutely hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Of course I think these are absolutely darling pictures :) I'm wondering where the one is with the new haircut???? Does Cash LIKE her new hairstyle??? LYG, N :)