More Maternity!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

As I wrote earlier, here are a few more from a favorite recent session. I'm needing your perspective on this one...I took a vertical and a horizontal picture of the same moment. However, I'm a fan of both...for me each have a different perspective. readers, if you are feeling daring, please share your thoughts with me...I could really use your opinions.

or 2.

The expecting mother is full of smiles. Here is a picture I grabbed in mid laughter...most likely laughing at me.

I'll end this session sharing with the below picture. The look in her eyes....the love between these two will forever be treasured by their bundles of joy.


Srilu said...

I like #2 better, personally. The use of negative space adds more to the picture, i think.

I really like this series. The joy in the parents' face is so apparent. nice work!