Thursday, February 28, 2008

This is by far one of the cutest identical set of twin girls I've ever photographed. The last time I saw these two, they had just turned one year old and still crawling. I was so happy to have time to play and chase them again. They were doing what one year olds twins do best....run everywhere and in separate directions but this time they had a head full of hair. I was shocked to see so much curl in their hair. Honestly, I could go on and on...but I think the pictures do a fine job of detailing out their cuteness. Both of these precious girls names begin with "R." And since they have the same hair color...it really can be tricky in telling them apart.

I just love this picture. It has forever captured the teensie weensie size of this cutie next to this door. If you look, you can notice her standing on her tippy toes wishing she were a bit bigger to get that door open. If you look even closer, you can see her tiny handprint on the door just below her left arm.

My heart just melts with this picture.

As I've written before, there is something timeless with black and white portraits. This screams classic and girlie! The texture of the tutu and the brick around her add so much to this portrait.

R & R parents, I hope you enjoyed your sneak peak. And thanks for being a dare devil with me today. Here's a secret blog readers...we were kicked out of two different locations within 45 minutes of starting our session. What a photographer won't do to capture GREAT pictures....when parents are involved in the plan...that is when the trouble starts! Thanks again for a great afternoon...I've enjoyed every exiliharating moment we've had in getting to know eachother!

Oh....after I returned to my girls, they fell over in oooohhhs and aaaahhhhs with these tutus. My girls RARELY cooperate with me in taking their pictures so I completely took advantage of their willingness. I will have more of my cutie pie twins to share soon!