Just a few...

Monday, February 25, 2008

favorites! Actually, there are many more favorites from this session. But, I think I'll spread the generousity with this session over the course of a few more posts.

Honestly, who wouldn't love to look this good with only 5 weeks away from delivery.

This is one of the moments that made me laugh several hours after our session. I'd share it but it's one of those stories where you would have to be there to appreciate it.
LOVE, just LOVE this picture! The dog is my favorite part. What is even harder to believe is she is still a puppy. The well behaved dog just reminded me of how we spoiled our dog, prechildren. To think our dog could sit still on our terms, would be like thinking I could move a mountain.


Srilu said...

Nice work, Tami! I love that first picture.