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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

For my girl's 2nd birthday, we had our family picture taken along with their two year portraits. My friend and photographer, Allison Tyler-Jones, took our family pictures. While I'm often asked whey I don't take my girl's milestone pictures...well, it's simple. Allison is a fresh face and they behave completely different for her. When they see me with my camera, they turn tail, duck and run!

Both of my girls names begin with a C. To make things easier in telling the "C" name apart, I'll separate them by their hair color. Here is my blonde "C."
Top 5 Likes: Kitty cats, calling attention to herself, making new friends, counting and hugging her sister.
Top 5 dislikes: Not doing whatever she wants, eating veggies, putting her books down, not doing whatever she wants, and not doing whatever she wants. (She is very independent!)
Here is my brunette "C."
Top 5 likes: Being with mommy, following her sister, solving puzzles, anything that involves creating, and wearing princess shoes.
Top 5 dislikes: Sissy touching her, not being with mommy, sharing, my twin sister's dog, and hair blowdryers (I know weird!).
***This is my daughter...while she was smiling at 5 weeks old and I only had pictures of her smiling...that wouldn't be savoring the many faces of brunette "C." She is all personality. That is why I love this pictures. There will be a day when she is all grown up and I will crave this sweet face.

Here is my dear friend Lauren. And now a dear friend to my daughters. They absolutely adore her! When they were learning how to talk, they called her "Yarnen." Although they can now say her name correctly, I still like to call her Yarnen.

To view the entire session, click HERE.


Srilu said...

Looks like a fun shoot! I can totally see your daughter's personalities (as you describe them) come through!

maggie said...

Tami...these are so fun! You have a gorgeous fam.

Lolly said...

Tami - your girls are so cute! I can't believe they're 2 already. I love the picture of Lauren with them. I still can't believe she's so hands on. It was good to see you at Al's the other day. See ya soon!