Isn't she...

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

...the cutest! What am I thinking... well, the new year started out with the first family session of the year. I spent the day with a new family in northern Arizona. It was beautiful and hard to believe I was still in Arizona. While I am always ecstatic to photograph amazing families, I was beyond happy when they were willing to bring me to them. Every minute with this fabulous family was priceless. The family was VERY relaxed. Their instructions...photograph our life! The parents are head over heals for each of their three darlings. They let their kids be kids. They skipped the portrait wardrobe and went with everyday wear! I loved it...I loved it even more because that is the style of this family. RELAXED!
Here is their precious girl, miss "J" ! She is the youngest to two gorgeous and heartbreaking boys. She was full of spirit, animation, and pure sweetness. I definitely overshot this little miss!
I love the ray of sun shining on little miss "J"!
I will definitely be sharing more of her family later. Until then...