So Squeezable!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

This little guy is the cutest and most squeezable in my books. Little"B" was the perfect start to their new family. It is always nice to go into a families home, see where they live, where they love, and where little sleep is often found. It reminds me of the oh so glorious young baby days...

Although sleep was hard to come by, I cherished every minute with my angels. After photographing this little guy's family, it was clear that every waking minute in their house is filled with kisses, hugs, looks of adoration and an abundance of loving words. In my opinion, how could time be spent any other way when one has such a squeezable bundle of joy.

And to top off their beautiful start to their new family, they also have started their new business. Their new business is called Acacia Renovations. After seeing this mans work...he definitely is worth every penny in perfecting any home. So when I saw the new addition sleeping next to their new business moment. A perfect new start in many ways.