Something different!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

I am always pleasantly surprised when I receive holiday cards from clients. I love how I'm not only included in their card list but seeing the pictures I've taken. I especially love seeing which picture they chose for their cards. When I received the first picture from this series as their card picture, I was reminded of how fun their session was.

I began photographing these two as babies. They are full of so much love...and the girl is a total mother hen to her little brother.

When their mother called me for a session...I asked if she was up for something different. I asked her to have faith in me, by trusting my eye for this particular place. This location is a total pit and resembles the look of a dump site. For such an ugly place, there were so many possibilities around each corner. I had been dying to do a photo session here. I loved every minute of our exploring time together.

If you are up for something different and can put your trust in me...let's get together.


Mariah said...

oKAY i tOTALLY wAnT tO dO mY nExT pICs thERe!