As good as they come!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

This is one of my dearest and oldest friends, "R". She was one of my first friends after I moved to Gilbert from the great state of Kansas (by the way, Kansas totally rocks!). "R" is one of those friends that is hard to find. She's always there for me to smile when the days are good, to cry with me when the days are dark, and to laugh at me when I leave the restroom with toilet paper stuck to my shoe (yes, that really happened). I am truly a better person because of her.

This year, we did a different session...just her and her boys. I thought this was a perfect time to capture the unbelievably, real love she has for them.

"R" is rarely found without a smile on her face. She truly is one of the happiest people I know...I love calling her just to hear her laughing when she answers. The greatest gift she has given her boys is her smile and kind words. With her smile and kind words, they will always know what it means to be loved.

I LOVE this picture...there is nothing like the feelings between siblings. Feelings that are unconditional. I love how the little one is just grinning...the grin that says nanananabobo! A smile...the greatest gift a mother can give her child.
"R" is all about fun! I love how this picture screams, "Cool!"
This is my "R"! She has such an indescribable energy and love for her boys. Her boys will forever cherish this moment.
I love you guys!