The fabulous four!

Friday, January 4, 2008

This family has their hands full with not only four boys, but four gorgeous and amazing boys. I truly feel for their mother...the long days of the nonstop ringing phone to only hear a sweet girl voice asking for one of her boys is upon her.
As a mother of almost two year old twins, I have my hands full. But it really is nothing to this mother of four. There are days I'm lucky to make it out the door without cheerios stuck to my bum while one of my daughters in pointing to it and saying, "snack?" And here is this gorgeous mother put together...perfectly. How does she do it!?

This mother of four is a complete champ. And she remained extemely relaxed during the entire session and let her children be photographed being real. She had shared with me that she loved the pictures that preserved their personality, spunk and spirit. She was referencing her youngest ones and wanting to capture their true spirit... in full blown 55 mph speed. This mother is a client from my dreams!

Now, check out her adorable boys...

Look at those eyes! I know I must sound like a total cheeseball when I'm photographing my clients...when I am constantly oohing and aahing their eyes. For me, the eyes tell their story. The story of where they've been, where they are and where they want to go. Their eyes are their constant in life. They never change and they always reach to the depth of their soul.

The fabulous foursome! Their mother's pride and joy. Her everything! This picture captured the true energy in this family. I wonder who the leader is!

Little mister "C" has an amazing spirit. He is full of energy that I want to bottle up and keep in my pocket. Energy+Sweetness= ADORABLE

One word...PRECIOUS!

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? A future Abercrombie model! It is impossible to get a bad picture of this guy. And to add to his great looks, he is a complete sweetheart! By far one of the most polite 12 year olds I've ever met!

And to follow the above singing praises of their mother... this cutie patootie looks a lot like her.

People often ask me how I have patience to photograph little ones! Well, it's easy! Not only are they going 55 mph with exploding energy but they are completely free. Everything is an adventure, a discovery and their living completely uninhibited. This age is probably my favorite to photograph, they lead and I just follow! Living on the run!


Maggie said...

L.O.V.E. the pic of the boys together and #4 -- the sunlight on the little guy's hair with the background posts is stunning. Nice work!