What happened

Friday, December 21, 2007

...to my babies! This morning I woke up and relooked at the mini-lollipop photo session I did with my girls yesterday and wondered why February 9, 2006 seems forever ago. Now here I am, the mother of *almost* 2 year old twins. Their personalities are very similar to how they were as babies.
Yesterday, I ventured out to attempt a picture of my girls, together, within 5 inches of eachother. A picture without screams, flailing arms, and the piercing death look at their mother begging and pleading for a rescue. The golden picture I was reaching for was needed for my seriously, belated holiday card. I knew that accomplishing the unrealistic, I would need some serious sugar for them to indulge in. So, out came the huge lollipops!

Sugar+Sugar= pure sweetness!

Do you think they indulged?
I guess their faces have their new love smeared all over.
Check back soon...I will be back to do some hardcore blogging on favorite, sweet pics of gorgeous little ones this past holiday season! They are too cute for words...


Mariah said...

I will NEVER EVER believe you and your excuses again when you try to explain to me why you don't shoot your own girls! Ryan loved the Christmas card thought it was just so funny! And Cameryn thinks that Camryn is just so cute..."huh Mom she's really cute?!" (think she's biased?)They are adorable and those bows!!!!