Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I don't remember looking like these amazing young girls. This past holiday season, I had a blast photographing some of the valley's fabulous teenagers...that have amazing spirit. I never realized how old I was or how time has changed until I visited with some of my new clients. They are so accomplished at such a young age and so active in their live. They exude such confidence, passion and drive for their dreams. And I can't leave without writing that they have such amazing hearts and souls. I was amazed with how I could see their passion for life in their eyes.
These young teenagers left me trying to remember where I was at their age. The memories I could recall included...

-Barbie underwear (wearing it of course)
-stealing my big sister's yellow nail polish
-huge crush on John Stamos and the ever so hot Kirk Cameron (can I get a triple arm pump)
-mouth full of braces
-still climbing trees and playing boy/girl wars
-and I can't leave off my cherished collection of Barbie dolls

Here are just a few of the amazing teenagers from this past holiday season.