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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Absolutely LOVE these twin boys!  It's been two years since I photographed them last and in my head I guess they were still 5.  They have grown so much but still the same fun and sweet little boys I remember since they were 3.

A part of me really wished I could hear all the details about dinosaurs like they were obsessed with way back when.  Now, our chats are much  more mature.

But what I did love the most is we still have tons of fun together.
Near the end of the session I realized Cole has a loose tooth.  I have no idea how I missed it…it's the memory making stage.
And Eli just busted out this look below.  Um…think he has the look down.  Then he told me that's just his normal every day look.  
My fav outtakes!
Eli was dying to make silly faces for him and how could I resist.  


Nancy Proffitt said...

What darling boys!!! LYG