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Sunday, October 26, 2014

This is one fabulously fun family!  They scheduled their session in the summer and for a year have been saying they wanted their next session in their backyard.  The best part is, they live two blocks behind me and I've loved their backyard when they first called me to pick up eggs from their chickens.  Their backyard is complete with a playhouse that the father build for the kids, chicken coop, hammock and free range chickens.  

Absolutely THE ideal kid backyard!    

For their session, they wanted it simple and just capture them having fun.  And it was everything fun…and officially my favorite session I've done.  Total dream session!  Well, except for mealworms the kids fed the chickens.  It's true, I can handle anything gross…but I draw the line at the meal worms.  Their son did have fun chasing me with them and handled it great when I gave the big fat NO WAY!


Nancy Proffitt said...

It looked like a lot of fun was going on in that hammock. Those meal worms creep me out too :) LYG