The Henkel Girls | Queen Creek Family Photographer

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Just when I thought it wasn't too long ago that I photographed these girls, they got to the session and I couldn't believe how grown up they look.  

Our session together was definitely memorable for us.  At the bottom of this post there are a couple favorite outtakes of them looking for creepy crawlers.  I was thinking these girls might not be brave with the little creatures that can be in this field, and I was wrong.  They made their dad proud braving it even when there were big spider webs right next to them.  I was impressed….they can get dirty  without complaining.  We laughed, squirmed annnnnd I may have squealed once or twice thinking something was on me.  

My clients know that during a session with me, I tend to talk a lot…yep, a little A.D.D. side effect I have.  During this session I kept saying what gorgeous girls they've grown up to be…probably sounded a tad like the creepy photographer.  Or maybe creepy when I posing with one of the girls to show the other where I wanted her.  When I apologized for giving the vibe of a creepy photographer scouting girls at the mall…the oldest sister laughed and said it would only be creepy if they didn't know me.  
I think that's a compliment since I first photographed them when they were little.  

They are amazing girls and if the mosquitos weren't so bad, I could've talked with them into the night with all my questions with what they've been up to and advice for my kids going to through the same school curriculum they went through.  But the best part is, they weren't in any hurry or annoyed to talk in the front yard with me and their mom.  


Nancy Proffitt said...

The girls look beautiful and they look so cute in their outfits. LYG